Start Tweeting!!

On the second last day of the workshop (I cannot believe how time has flown!) we had a few presentations and many discussions around using Social Media in the context of EBHC.

On of the most interesting and I think innovative examples, was the Twitter Journal Club. This was started by two medical students from Cambridge and can be accessed by following #TwitJC. This is how it works:

The journal club is held every second Sunday, at 7pm GMT. Anybody can suggest a paper to be discussed, which, together with an introduction to the session, is posted on the website 2-3 days in advance. On the evening, anybody can participate in the discussions by tweeting comments – as for any other Tweet, one is only allowed 140 characters per Tweet. After the session, all the Tweets are collated and posted as a summary on the website (

I think this is such an excellent example of using social media as a tool for learning and a brilliant way of bringing together people from all over the world to participate in discussions. It really has the potential to spread the principles of EBHC – I think this really convinced me (as a not very Twitter-wise person) to sign up and start tweeting! 




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